All product prices indicated through include VAT and other taxes that may apply. However, these prices do not include the costs corresponding to the shipment of the products, which are detailed separately and must be accepted by the Consumer.


We recommend creating a registration account at, This will prevent you from entering the information every time you place an order, it will be as easy as logging in with your username and password, normally your devices save this data for your convenience, make sure not to share your password so that no one places orders in your name .


You represent and warrant that if you are purchasing something from, any information regarding the credit card that you provide us is true and complete, the expenses you are going to incur will be covered by your credit card company, you will pay the charges you incurred at the published price, including any applicable taxes and / or transportation.

You can apply transfers, or when delivering with dataphone.

Shipping Policy:


Your package will be carefully packed with the intention that nothing is damaged during transport, then it will be sent to your delivery address as soon as possible, during the purchase you have a space where you can make a specific note such as the hours that it is not available to receive our messaging, as well as any signal that our courier or shipping company requires when interacting with the security officer of your condominium, building or residential.

International shipments are subject to customs and sanitary laws and regulations of each country.

Return policy

The merchandise altered or damaged by misuse, accidents, fire, floods or natural catastrophes, is not covered by the guarantee, it cannot be returned. Merchandise damaged or altered by the consumer himself and perishable items cannot be returned. Expenses for return reasons will be incurred by the consumer.

Frequent questions

What is the delivery time?
It depends on the shipping address, local or international

Can I make returns?
The transactions are firm. No refunds.